Thursday, April 22, 2010

SeeSunday Poem dedicated to me

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Revolving around meadows of shade the sun shines through, like a
flower bloom with light, acknowledging everlasting life.

Wandering star find your
light! Unexplainable but very clear. The
harder you try the harder it gets. Like the wind flow with the earth
and love life like the. universe loves us wandering souls. Find your
light and you shall find an amazing life. Wandering star bright of
light full of life say goodbye to endless nights and sour water.
Tomorrow is a gift of the heavens why not explore your inner sayings.
Untouched by fame and hate, strive to search what u hold inside.
Every lesson made to dust, for every dust will hold a story, this is
were you'll find your glory. Never loose hope, its hope that guides
you and shows you the way back home. Believe and you shall see it,
breathe it and you shall feel it. Wandering star find your light, and
with the blink of an eye you will find your way back to the heavenly

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