Thursday, April 22, 2010

SeeSunday Poem dedicated to me for my Birthday

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Life is something type crazy, I see right through you...Smile!

It's like when I see your eyes,
I see someone hiding inside.
Corrupted voices lead you to fraudulent courses,
But you, you stay alive!

Amidst of hustlas,
against life you rise,
like a snake about to bite.

But like a goddess,
you may wonder,
why she sits alone and cries.

Uncertain of thoughts,
that become illusions of ones conscience,
corrupted by just trying to survive.

I live amidst the hustlas,
who's life is engraved in crime,
and who's mentality is money before love.

I cry at night at times,
by a moonlight covered river ,
who's history evolves dumping of bodies,
murder number 101 a unsolved mystery.

I live upon those hustlas like you ,
and still,
I rise!

Life is a precious soul,
full love and happiness,
determined by you own evaluation,
under your own manifestation,
of what we call lives.

Rise upon the stormy night,
with heart in hand and soul on command,
and tell me your true story.

If silence breaks your armor,
then I don't believe in dishonor ,
and respect your ethics of life upon this time.


a special friend of mine said i inspired her to write this poem about me i hope you enjoyed

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