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What brought me to this subject ...
i went today to my godsons house and saw that his older 2 yr old brother had a pretty lil 2yr old playdate ... beautiful lil girl.. and sad part is i saw a lil purple bruise in one cheek and then saw a grown mans bitemark on her other cheek.. i wondered and finally her mother said it was her ex.. not the child father.. i wondered what can drive any person to the sick state of mind to even harm a child.. a innocent child.. i can never forget this lil girl face.. it hurt me to the point that i cried.. she was attached to her blankie and her elephant.. yellow lil dress.. and there i think wow the state always looking for these damn drug dealers what the fuck do they do to these child abusers? on top of that i find out this man that did this to her is still free and out there somewhere my mind im praying for every child that passes this mans way.. and i pray for this lil girls future.. children dont remeber what you tell them but how you make them feel... forver this girl is marked with abuse on her life... children cant defend themselves.

unfortunately my biological mother isnt innocent either.. my younger brother got abused physically by her.. to the point that he had a broken arm and foot at the age of 2.. and all cause of her drunken beatings.. i thank god i didnt grew up with her.. and i cry.. cause my brother nor any child or anybody at that deserves any type of abuse

please help our children stop the abuse towards anybody

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