Saturday, January 23, 2010


sade- cv soldier of love Pictures, Images and Photos

One of the GREATEST artsts to ever exists.. to understand her is to hear her music..

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mrzgreat Favorite PornStars

Daisy Marie Pictures, Images and Photos
daisy marie

Luscious Lopez Pictures, Images and Photos
luscious lopez

So i have 2 fave pornstars that i love to watch, they arent regualr pornstars, they actually enjoy they work and actually have fun while shooting, i guess you have to be a porn watcher to understand what im saying.. M



ok so i am very picky in the artists that i like to hear, and gaga is just awesome, cmon she hasnt even been in music that long and already working with dre , sold out concerts, shes gaga-natic, and she has amazing voice just hear her music , and very fashionista, and very open-minded girl , read about her life, dont just hear her commercial music and be ignorant about it,

so gaga-natic for gaga
Thats M.O.N.E.Y So Sexy...

The Truth


Tuesday, January 19, 2010



I sMILE, im happy jan 16 i met an icon in my time, its funny cause it was a surprise and honestly ill never forget ,
but wasnt surprised when i gained out of the situation,
im always blessed with $$
its who i am, its what my time is worth
my 2010 just gets me better, live positive success is all in your mind and strive
$$ comes in a good way i dont force it but i strive for it i hustle for it, but i have morals, i dont believe a hustler has a salary but i dont believe in harming ppl if i dont want it returned

magnet to success