Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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Ever felt like you knew you had a guardian angel... ?
Ever felt like you were someones guardian angel?

i felt both sides..
i believe my great grandma is my angel... and she sends me people my way to show me what is wrong or right.. i believe she sent me one of the most important people in my life... my stepmother..and another special friend that i have.. she sent me great people in my life to take care of me.. i am very wise for just my age...

i believe the thought you have at your loneliest times.. at 2am.. those thoughts are the most important

Friday, March 26, 2010

Where words fall MUSIC speaks

music expresses what words cannot
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music soothes my soul.. many say they lovvve music.. but i disagreee.. many dont know most histpry of the genres they like.. they simply turn on power 96 and follow the trend.. in my opinion nowadays theres hardly great music only good music.. i miss the real music.. where people showed there real talent and emotions are felt thru lyrics..
sorry but rap sucks nowadays.. hoes cars clothes bottle poppin maybachs blah blah blah.. wheres the struggle b4 the success.. i can hear music forever and never speak to a human again

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



i respect everyones religion... but i believe in god... i dont have a religion... why do i have to be a follower in order to believe in him... i believe only i can tell myself how to sacrifice for him... hes the one that can tell me how to keep my faith in him... i believe most religions are a cover up for sinners.. whwy would you obsess with religion if you are a good person.. if your good then itll be good to you in return.. what you reap is what you sow.. and we all go through obstacles and tribulations ... regardless life is going to be good and sorry if i wont try to join religion.. its just not for me.. its too much of a limit.. and my faith in god has no limit