Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Murder Mass in HIaleah

A wild-eyed gunman who targeted women in a murderous rampage at a Florida restaurant was the half-brother of pitcher Orlando (El Duque) Hernandez, a former hurler for both the Yankees and Mets.

Gerardo Regalado shot dead his wife, Liazan Molina, 27, and three other women late Sunday, police said. He also wounded three women at Yoyito's Cafe in Hialeah before killing himself. Some of the victims worked at the restaurant.

It was the worst mass murder in the city's history.

Regalado and Hernandez have the same mother, and Hernandez has mentioned him in stories about their life in Cuba before immigrating to the U.S., The Miami Herald reported.

Hernandez defected from Cuba in 1997 and pitched for the Yankees, Chicago White Sox, Arizona Diamondbacks and Mets.

Police suspect troubles in Regalado's marriage may have triggered the slaughter, even though Facebook postings just hours before gave them the appearance of a happy couple.

Witnesses said the shooting spree started with an argument between the couple in the restaurant parking lot.

Diners told restaurant workers and police that Regalado drew a .45-caliber pistol, shot Molina and then rushed into the restaurant "like a wild man" and started firing.

Investigators said it looked like Regalado was only after women. There were at least two men in the place, but neither was shot, they said.

( this makes me sad because i grew up with that restaurant in the corner of my mothers house, velebrities always went over there and great cuban food not fake cuban food, it was a famiy environment and now this men destroyed a bunch of lifes

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