Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!!

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My father to me is my "hero" o boy , You ever heard of the saying careful what you do in life cause your children will be your karma , well i believe im my fathers karma , i feel i have gone thru his footsteps , im glad my father was always intelligent and with his suave "game" smooth talking lol,
Wanna know the funny story, my father wasnt a dead beat it was actually my biological mother who was the dead beat , a man who always lived his life partying, hustling, pimping, playing, working hard , he probably has had sex in every state in the united states . and then he turns 52 and 10 years in the states from cuba and there he is raising a 3 year old lil girl all by himself always protective, He gave it all up for he can put his daughter ahead ,most men wouldnt know how to react to a woman leaving him with their child and disapearing , most men wouldnt do the man role and act like a lil boy and give up as well... but no my father was always a man and raised me and gave me the most wonderful Stepmother , and im glad cause around the age of 14 me and my father fell out alot between me and puberty and boyfriends and sex especially LOVE , he feared his daughter young and being a statistic , But we dont hold grudges
I can say he raised a pretty smart daughter 20 yrs old and cant no one run game to me i have no children im happily married to a man who loves me doesnt do me wrong , i dont know what it feels like to be cheated i was taught to not be grimey and that lecture has always done me good , my dad taught me a man perspective of life and also a womans , he never sugar coated life for me and for that i will always thank him,

he dedicated this song to me when i was 15

i may have outgrown his lap but my father will always be my hero!
and in case you wonder where i get my great looks from i am my dads twin lol

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