Monday, June 07, 2010

How do we elevate SeeSunday Poem

How can we elevate when the songs that we hear, that we tune in our ears, the images we watch, its just polluting our minds. How do you expect us to rise, when they teach us to live in our lies.
This world we create full of murder and hate, with sinster crimes, is polluting our minds. The governent's wise , like chess they play with our lives. We bound to these chains, hypnotized to this
game. To gain you must take, that's our biggest mistake. We've forgotten hearts, that's why some live behind bars. We've forgotten our soul who's worth WAY more than gold. Expect us to rise,
decpite all these crimes, expect us to elevate but many of you have no faith. Girls selling their lives, for glamour and money signs. They don't care anymore for riches they become hoers. What
happened to beauty what happened to love, what happened to marraige what happened to us! If we don't change our ways, we'll be come worse than slaves. We'll stay stuck in this madness, and never come
out of it. Why

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