Friday, July 09, 2010


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I wonder how it all began ,
lesbian , gay , dykes , carpet muncher , etc

Its funny cause when i was younger i always said why would i be involved with a woman if i have the same thing, then around the age of 15 i was ADDICTED to another girls LUST

WOMAN and SEX wasnt something i ever thought i would mix , well never say never cause i can consider that my biggest FETISH

Like i really cant understand how a man can find another man attractive, how can you not find another woman sexy? but thats just my opinion

I remember my first time my friend took me to a hotel he had some party going on.. he rented two rooms and i thought one of his friends was sexy... funny cause first time i ended up rolling balls 4 hours later he tells me him and his girl will go to their room , and he ends up leaving me with his sexy friend jeje!
all i know is i go to take a shower and there she goes MOLESTING me.. and nope i didnt stop her it wasnt my first time eating but my first time being pleased by another girl.. it facinated me
from then on lets just say i became the "pussy monster"

See but theres a difference between LOVE and LUST!

i realized i couldnt LOVE another woman like i can LOVE a man... it always was LUST , just the whole sex part is what i would anticipate didnt want anything else, no emotions mixed into it..
i tried lots of times and Nope real LOVE couldnt , then i finally got engaged at 18 to another girl..after 3 months i realized it wasnt for me.. the whole image of me having kids one day thru frozen sperm or just imagining having children raised in a home where theres no FATHER , it scared me honestly , i had to think of the future especially mines since evry move you make makes your fate ...
See SEX between 2 woman is very SENSUAL
SEX with a Man is Animalistic

two different worlds
See i didnt have specific type as long as she knew she was a girl and didnt live thinking she was a dude
What i didnt understand is when lesbians wanna use dildos , sorry it wasnt for me the whole PLASTIC object , see i understand vibrator but DILDO?
for that i always went back to a guy
Lesbianism well whoever first made the move i wanna thank her !

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