Monday, July 19, 2010

Rest In Paradise

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See When You ask me What Heaven is This comes in Mind
iN one week i found out 2 people i knew have passed away, but two different situations both people i have met few times but talked to them enough to hear a piece of their mind both hustlas both street smart yet somehow this drug game had some piece of them as well ,
both deaths were sudden and none due to drugs and both merely 30 it saddens me cause ive gotten advice from both and i been told the same advice and it shocks me
yet the one i knew less is who inspired me, this man was in a wheelchair but if you met him his attitude doesnt remind you what his misunfortue was , so cocky so confident and so positive , we spoke and he kept being so positive and somehow i felt understood "real recognize real"
he told me to stay how i am with my hustla ambition and to get  myself ahead in my education especially with my business minded self, unfortunately he fell in a pool and passed away it torns me cause iwish i knew him better yet somehow if i did i probably be more hurt all i knnow is hes an angel now and i at least got to meet "real"
R.i.p hecor hernandez
r.i.p luis ramos aka rubio

rubio i didnt know you well but i understood you to the point where i want to be more positive in this life i lead

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