Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All i see is you Poem for my girlfriend

This insatiable desire for you overpowers me
I hunger to surrender my burning temptations
To give in and submit at the very sight of thee
To be mesmerized by the sweetest of sensations

Just one look at your face and I am in paradise
Beauty and perfection, tis ever link'd to all I see
Just one look into those captivating warm eyes
And I become hypnotized, dazed, bliss hits me

With every single tapping of this beating heart
I can feel yours sweetly interlacing inside mine
Like two magnets nothing can tear them apart
They beat in harmony, striding in perfect time

These butterflies endlessly flutter deep within
Certainty, devotion, of all the riches doth hold
Thou cascades this heart with beauty and peace
For I prize thy love more than streams of Gold

Come bathe in passion's sweet flickering fire
If ever two were to become one, then surely we
An angel from heaven I hold within this hand
If ever a woman loved a woman, then surely me

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