Friday, December 11, 2009


Sent from heaven , a child , a blessing ,
I wouldnt know the feeling , i was close but almost doesnt count , and the day i do get blessed i will be finally complete in this emptiness i felt so long, i dont rush cause god knows when to make things happen and he knows why he does them and when ,
How can someone not love something they have created? how can you not adore a smile of a child? I wonder how someone can hold someone for 9 months under their heart and act as if it never happen .
I was raised by a woman who didnt create my genes but she raised to be the woman of morals that i am today, till this day my question in life is how did my mother not want to be aprt of my life, i went thru pregnancy younger and it didnt make it, and i think those were such priceless moments i wont forget ,R.I.P Roy jr .
I know when gos knows that ill be ready to give all my time to another soul that ill create .

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